Is Donald Trump Just A Democrat Plant To Ensure A Hillary Wins?


Donald Trump.

For the longest time, that dude Trump had the media on his side. He was definitely good for ratings and he certainly didn’t have to come out of pocket for any ads. A media darling, he was. And that coverage took him to the top of the Republican pile, discarding the other guys like Cruz and Rubio. His tactics were unusual to say the least.

However, what is more unusual is that there may be evident that Trump is really just a plant to guarantee Hillary Clinton the win. “Hillary Clinton is a terrific woman. I’ve known her for years. I live in New York. She lives in New York. And I’ve known her and her husband (Bill Clinton) for years and I like them both – a lot. And I thinks he really works hard and, I think – again – she’s given and agenda that’s not all of her. I think she really works hard and I think she does a good job. And I like her,” Donald Trump once said.

Hillary And Bill even went to Trump’s wedding in 2005. These guys seems to be really good friends. Look at these videos and tel me what you think about the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is merely a plant to give Hill the alley oop to the presidency?

Is this Trump and Hill?

Hillary Clinton explains her friendship with Donald Trump.

Trump on how he feels more like a Dem.

Going in, George Bush gets called “the worst president ever” and then some. And praises Hillary more.

What say you?