Is Draya Michele Adding To The LGBTQIA2+ Rainbow?

Taste the rainbow.

So, it seems as though, many emerging entrepreneurs understand the importance of remaining relevant. Thus, to reach a certain demographic, one usually employs calculating means. Be that as it may, how is Draya Michele adding to the LGBTQIA2+ rainbow?

Most notably, in the past, the slim-thick cutie has been romantically linked to Chris Brown and to Orlando Scandrick. At any rate, the reality starlet is learning how to balance her professional life with her personal obligations. As a businesswoman and as a mother, at times, this may be an arduous challenge.

Although, Draya is no longer working with Savage X Fenty. However, the former brand ambassador is realizing how words can work to help or to harm a brand. In fact, the Reading, PA transplant reaches out to a very inclusive audience.

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Following, a well-positioned thirst-trap touting a beautiful “tan,” the bossy beauty sends out a provocative tweet. In fact, Draya Michele owns three different companies. Moreover, these include Mint Swim, Fine Ass Girls and Beige & CoCo. For this reason, is the astute businesswoman may be utilizing strategic marketing moves.

In all actuality, the seemingly light-hearted tweet reflects her solid self-confidence. On the other hand, social media and its parched users, are too ready to drink from Draya’s spouting well. What is better than expanding one’s business?

All things considered, is there a mere marketing ploy or an alleged advertisement by Draya Michele?