Is Eminem Ready To Drop Another Album!?

Eminiem is coming back, according to rumors, with a new album!

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Eminem endures! These days we see rappers morphing into different incarnations! Mostly, we see rappers leveraging their relationships and turns themselves into talk show hosts and Chatty Pattys (Dame Dash’s words, not mine)! But not Eminem. He makes big business moves, but he also continues to push the limits as an artist. His last album, Music  To Be Murdered By, was his 11th! The 10th, Kamikaze, was dope even if he was angry as SLiM sHady on acid.

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Music  To Be Murdered By dropped in January 2020, which seems like a million years ago! Perhaps it seems like a million years ago to Eminem too. The rumor is that Eminem is looking to release album Number 12 on us sometime soon! Why? That is anybody’s guess. But, it could be another response to the critics that panned the last two. (Personally, I loved Kamikaze.) Or, it could just be time.

Time for another album! Nobody knows what that could be. BUT, the early talk is that it will have a lot of guest appearances. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect he may have some OGs on the album. This is pure speculation, I got admit! Perhaps he can reunite D-12 for the 12th album! If Meek Mill and Eminem could release albums, we might be able to salvage 2020! OK, toss a surprise Jay-Z album in there too!

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