Is Iggy Azalea Plotting On Her Ex?


Photo via Iggy’s Instagram

Have Iggy Azalea and her legal team reached such a breaking point that they are sinking to some low tactics? There have been rumors of lynch mob tactics floating around Houston alleging that Azalea has people obtaining personal information and attacking Hefe Wine (her common law husband). Hefe Wine recently filed for divorce from Azalea. Azalea was caught in lie after lie after talks of a sex tape surfacing around with her and Wine whom she claimed she didn’t even know. She later had to admit she once dated him, and later revealed they actually lived together for a couple years in Houston and in Atlanta. Emails from Iggy Azalea to Hefe Wine also surfaced.

Iggy Azalea allegedly made the following statement to Hefe Wine via past emails:

“I would sue you if you ever told anyone all the things I’m saying to you – I’m white I can do things like that you know.”

Iggy’s ex-husband is also allegedly making a song about her and they are involved in a big legal dispute about copyright infringement since he’s tried to release songs they did together on their joint label. Allegedly Azalea’s legal team attempted to serve Hefe Wine with legal papers requesting he remove music from iTunes which he wrote and produced for Azalea while they were in a relationship in Texas that lasted so long they were acknowledged by Texas laws as husband and wife. Since Wine filed for divorce, there have been some strange occurrences. Allegedly Wine has been in fear of his life.