Is J. Prince Out Here Threatening Rap Artists?

Nobody wants a problem with J. Prince, but the word is, some people do.

(AllHipHip News) J. Prince is one of the most feared men in Hip-Hop. The Quadruple OG has settled mini a dispute, stopped people coming after his artist, and generally stopped people from crossing him for decades. Now it looks like he has stopped a couple of others from crossing him as well as his artists. First of all, let’s talk about Drake. Drake was the subject of much scoring over the weekend when Swiss beats went at him for allegedly leaking a song with the Canadian and Busta Rhymes. Some have speculated that Swiss beats his apology came back so fast because J. Prince intervened on Drake‘s behalf. Most people don’t remember that J. Prince and his son were the two that truly put the Canadian homey on the map propelling him to endless, boundless levels of money through the years. Most people think it was cash money records they did that, but it was not. It was Mr. J. Prince. No personally, I think that it could be any number of things that got Swiss beats to apologize, but it is just as plausible that J. Prince made a phone call that caused the whole me to backpedal with all that tough talk.

And NBA Young Boy is next…

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That voice is…ominous. He called NBA YoungBoy “dumber than a box of rocks.” This all started when NBA YoungBoy got robbed. The young Rapper had his house broken into and J. Prince did what seem to be an act of kindness. But that act of kindness was not received from the young rapper who was likely embarrassed because the gesture of kindness was made public. So, at the end of the day little homey probably wanted to keep that on the low because of the fact that he is supposed to be hard-core in the streets and he’s getting treated like a third rate lacking criminal. And like so many other young rappers J. Prince has stepped in to retrieve they are stolen items like a real OG. The only problem is little homey spoke out of turn and may have actually caused a really big problem for himself. I really do hope that he just simply squashes it with J. Prince on the low.