Is Jay-Z About To Drop?


Jay-Z may or may not be planning to drop another album, but it is most certainly time….!!!


Is Jay-Z up to something? Today marks the fifth anniversary of his 4:44 album. The seminal album, largely regarded as a classic, was released to an incredible fanfare. It was a deeply personal album and he put out a lot of information out there. In fact, he addressed numerous things including infidelity.

In 2022, Beyoncé just release a song that has almost ushered in an era of club music. Now, this only leads us to 2022! For quite some time, there have been rumors that Jay Z was working. But those musical dreams were not really supported by anything other than external stuff that was happening. So, for example, we saw Nas dropping projects and gaining traction in the legacy department.

Also, we have seen Jay Z drop several feature appearances, here and there. After his Pusha T feature, it really made me wanna hear more. So, the rumors have been there but mostly speculative I hope he returns because we still need him to “show us how to do this, son! “

This was a the opener.

This was not the closer, but it shook up the world!

Jay-Z, if you are seeing this somewhere from a big yacht or an underground bungalow, come back. Drop another one on your fans! Show us Hip-Hop can still perforate the top level.

Anyway, some people feel and speculate that 4:44 was his last, but I don’t agree with them. No!

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