Is K. Michelle Done With Love & Hip Hop For Good?


It appears that K. Michelle has had it with VH1 and “Love & Hip Hop.” K posted a photo on Instagram of herself and the legendary Patti LaBelle of course leading fans to comment on more than what was photographed. A fan commented telling K that she should leave “Love & Hip Hop” as it isn’t a good look for her. In response K said,

“Never going back again. No amount of money in the world!”

As much as people have enjoyed K. Michelle’s ratchet antics, clap backs, and musical success, there comes a time when you have to leave things that aren’t allowing you to grow behind. After all it seems like K is the only one really putting out music, and the only one with a [currently] successful music career. Do you think K should hang on a little longer for the money, or is it time that she moves on!

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