Is Kendrick Lamar Leaving TDE?

Kendrick Lamar

There is some good and bad stuff going on with K-Dot.

Let us start right here. It has taken Kendrick Lamar far too long to deliver a new album! I do not count the Black Panther soundtrack either! God Bless, Chadwick Boseman! So, there are good rumors and there are bad rumors. What do you want first? OK, here’s the good stuff.

Kendrick Lamar is supposed to drop sometime this year, without question. Punch, who is the president of the label, has repeatedly stated that Kendrick’s new album is coming “soon.” The word is that the album is coming sometime this year…2020! We know that K-Dot has shot at least one video already! I just finished watching hours of Kendrick Lamar on YouTube. That is good news, slightly a rumor.

The other side to this rumor is that somebody is saying Kendrick Lamar is leaving (or trying to leave) TDE. As I looked through all of the videos and images of Kendrick, a lot of them included the crew. NAH! I don’t believe it! But, rumor has it, K-Dot changed the album up completely. It should be dropping, but there is his weird notion that he’s looking to leave. I would love to have another project from Ab Soul while they work it out.

Anyway, enjoy this in the meantime.