Is Kodak Black Upset With Soulja Boy For Denying His Feature Request?


Photo’s via Soulja Boy and Kodak Black’s Instagram

Allegedly Kodak Black is upset with Soulja Boy for turning down a feature request. Kodak Black and crew have been threatening Soulja Boy, but SB doesn’t seem too phased, as he says this isn’t his first beef. Soulja Boy says Kodak Black is mad because Soulja Boy didn’t show up to the studio because he was busy. Soulja Boy wants to know how is it that Kodak was asking him to come to the studio one day and the next day dissing him. Soulja said he would never want to do a song with him anyway!

Some of Kodak Black’s goons also made a video banning Soulja Boy from Broward county and threatening his life.

“I’ll get in that Benz and come to ATL & come kill yo f*ck ass.”

Another video emerged showing some of Kodak’s “goons” making a ritualistic video and threatening Soulja Boy also.

Oh my!