Is Pooh Shiesty On Suicide Watch?

Pooh Shiesty

Keep Pooh in prayer for a strong mind.

Pooh Shiesty.

Pooh Shiesty.

Pooh Shiesty is one of the hottest rappers out right now. I am not familiar with his work, but younger people are. One thing I do know is that he cannot seem to stay out of trouble. Pooh allegedly shot somebody at King of Diamonds over the Memorial Day weekend at a strip club in Miami. The 21-year old now sits in a Miami-Dade jail on an aggravated battery charge. Pooh reportedly shot a security guard in the leg and then went for a walk outside. Well, they caught up with him rather quickly.


There’s a rumor it says that homeboy is possibly suicidal. There has been no grand revelation on that just as yet, but some people are speculated that they are preemptive moves being made. Apparently there’s a certain type of prison suit that is assigned to people that are high risk or likely to commit suicide while in jail. And that is what they have put him in. Now, again that could be a preemptive move to make sure that he is flagged as someone as such. They also say that celebrities may be flagged “just in case.” At any rate, it just seems like he may be in some form of jeopardy. If that man is willing the bus is gone out here in the world, and allegedly shoot someone, then he should be OK in the Bing after a few days. Certainly I hope he’s innocent and certainly I hope he does not commit suicide.

By the way, there’s a man that shot a six-year-old kid that happens to be Asian. The kids survived, but the man is already out of jail on bond pending the trial. How in the world did he manage to get out of jail so quickly and so cheaply? I’m not suggesting in any way shape or form that Pooh Shiesty should be out of jail, but I am saying that that man that shot that little kid should be in a jail or perhaps under one. Or maybe even dead. Ha ha Ha ha ha! Just kidding!

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