Is Pusha T Alluding to Stopping Brick Rap? Twitter Reacts!

Evolution while maintaining integrity is everything; congrats, Mr. Thornton.

What Pusha T supplies is truly gratifying. Currently, King Push is prepping the world for his upcoming, fourth solo LP. Although, he has yet to share its official title, he is sharing other details. So, is Mr. Thornton, actually alluding to stopping Brick Rap?

Well, a recent Twitter exchange may signal the affirmative. While, using the social media platform, the Grammy Nominated lyricist responds to an inquiring tweet. There, Spotify’s Head of Urban Music, Carl Chery issues a statement of admiration. “Pusha T coming up with new coke references will never get old,” reads the tweet.

Following, that dope declaration, L. Ron Hubbard of the Cupboard responds. “Welp this album is abt feeding the conscious mind, I hope you aren’t disappointed…I’m growing up Carl,” retorts Mr. Sniffles. In fact, the Culinary Chemist is responsible for an acclaimed canon of unadulterated Hip-Hop.

Soon, the internet nearly implodes. Consequently, many day-one supporters of the “Open Your Eyes” MC readily offer their opinions. Of course, this collective insight entails a kaleidoscope of different perspectives.

The Raw Reactions to the Illustrious Wordsmith

The Promise, The Future

Above all, Senor “Cook It Down” is sublimely self-assured. So, while speaking with Complex, he shares his truth. “The album of the muthafuckin’ year is coming, “A Pusha album takes a long time… “

Additionally, he insists, “but when it comes together, ain’t nothing f###### with it.” At any rate, the DAYTONA MC then includes more insight. “I’m on some one thousand percent rap superhero s###. You know me, I have to reinvent myself. I just have to reinvent my greatness.”

In fact, the Lord Willin’ spitter is for the people. To illustrate his heart he is putting in the necessary work. Get familiar with the Third Strike Coming Home Campaign.