Is Rihanna Pregnant? Flaunts Belly At Super Bowl


Is Rihanna Pregnant? Her Super Bowl half time show got everybody talking as she showed off her belly!

UPDATE: Rolling Stone has confirmed that RiRi is indeed pregnant like we all speculated.


You know, I love Rihanna. However, she got everybody talking at the halftime of the Super Bowl, as the Eagles were beating the KC Chiefs. When she performed, she flaunted her belly in a red suit. At first, it seem like it was a casual occurrence, but soon enough, it seemed as if she was really showing off her stomach in a way that started the rumors. 

Soon, enough, my fans and rumor sources started to ask me questions. And now we’re all wondering if she is really pregnant! She had a baby with A$AP Rocky May 13, 2022. So that makes us all think that this is just some baby fat. And that’s all good. Nobody is tripping off of that BUT in Hollywood and entertainment, most people in the field look to shed that baby fat after having a baby and showing off their SNAP back. You know Rihanna has a different sort of swagger about her and may very well just be flaunting her belly fat. BUT…SHE LOOKS PREGNANT!

However, a lot of people speculate, she just might be with child. It’s highly feasible that she and A$AP Rocky are working on a second little bun. Who knows? BUT SHE LOOKS VERY PREGNANT! I just know that Most times when they show off the stomach like that they are making a statement. Also, I think that she understands that she will get a lot more press off of pregnancy rumors than she will off that performance. In fact, it may be an effort to deflect from the performance, which quite frankly was lackluster. SO, REVEALS THE PREGNANCY!

I was hoping for a special appearance by Jay-Z or Drake, or somebody like that. But none of them showed up in support of their sister. Anyway, we still love Rihanna over here, but we need our questions answered!