Is Rolling Loud To Do What DONDA Academy Pledged In California With Help Of OTE?

Ft. Lauderdale Native Ski Mask The Slump God is always a crowd favorite at Rolling Loud (Credit: Rolling Loud / @Snap_LL)

The real question is how will this impact basketball culture here in Los Angeles?

If Kanye West ever has any desire to resurrect DONDA Academy, he might want to take notes on what Rolling Loud and Overtime Elite (OTE) basketball league are doing with their latest partnership.

Multiple reports have confirmed that the nomadic music festival organization Rolling Loud has been granted the naming rights for the new Los Angeles based OTE team.

For those unfamiliar, OTE, which is owned and operated by sports media organization Overtime, is a professional basketball league for players 16 to 19 years of age. While there are only eight teams in the league, OTE boasts millions of followers across social media and has already locked down lucrative streaming and distribution deals with brands such a Amazon Prime.

It has yet to be revealed where the new OTE facility will be be based in the city of L.A., but they are already in contention with the legacy of West’s DONDA Academy. Even as lawsuits outlining the unbelievable conditions of the school have dominated the news cycle this year, there’s no doubt DONDA Academy brought top of the line recruits to the state. Ironically enough, though, 5-star players such as Rob Dillingham, who led DONDA academy in 2022, recently signed on with OTE. Not to mention, standout OTE alumnus’ Amen and Ausar Thompson made history earlier this year after being drafted back-to-back within the top five of the first round of the NBA draft.

In a sense, they haven’t even started yet and Rolling Loud and OTE are lowkey on T-time with Kanye!

Check out more information on the Rolling Loud team’s roster and schedule here.