Is Scottie Pippen Is Hurt Or Hating Over Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen feels a way about Michael Jordan and it ain’t pretty. The former team mates may be eternally at odds after this.

You know, everyone’s well aware that Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan’s relationship isn’t what it used to be. But just the other day, Pippen took another shot at his legendary ex-teammate, hitting him with a double whammy while also praising LeBron James. This is not the Bulls we used to love or hate!

During the “Gimme The Hot Sauce” podcast, Pippen basically said Jordan was a terrible player in the early days, and he believes LeBron has had a better statistical career than not just Jordan, but everyone in the history of the game. According to Pippen, LeBron will go down as the greatest statistical guy ever in basketball. No one can compare to him, according to Pippen.

Now, let’s be clear, Pippen didn’t outright say that makes LeBron the greatest player ever. He left that open for debate. But he couldn’t resist taking a dig at Jordan. Pippen mentioned how he saw Jordan play even before joining the Bulls, and in his opinion, Jordan was just plain awful. He was all about one-on-one play and taking terrible shots, according to Pippen.

And then Pippen took it up a notch by saying that Jordan’s legacy didn’t really take off until Pippen came into the picture. It was only when they became a team and started winning that people forgot how mediocre Jordan supposedly was before that.

He also took time to pop off at Phil Jackson, the legendary coast of the winning Bulls.

These guys had a lot of love for each other. Things change.

Dang, this really is sad.