Azealia Banks Trashes White Gay Men In The Industry!

Azealia Banks goes off on gay white men in the industry after an article is posted about her in LGBTQ magazine, Gay Times.

Azealia Banks is back at it again with her shenanigans and sh*t talking and this time it’s directed towards white gay men.

Banks is upset about a magazine article in the “Gay Times” and took to Instagram, as she always does, to express her concerns.

Just recently, Frank Ocean opened a PrEP+ club in New York promoting the pre-exposure HIV medication. The club basically is supposed to pay homage to what the 1980s NYC club scene would be like if it (PrEP) would have been invented back then.

This didn’t sit right with Azealia at all as she called him “evil” and a “d######” and encouraged her gay fans to not partake in that “PrEP sh*t.” 

She thinks it’s dumb to promote HIV prevention to gay men and encourages them to just be responsible so they won’t have to take a pill and they can “f*ck whoever they want.”

In true Azealia fashion, that didn’t last long and she apologized for her actions saying it wasn’t her place and it was insensitive.

But wait, there’s more…

She is now upset about a recent article written about herin the LGBTG magazine, Gay Times. W

In her lengthy response to the magazine, she specifically drags white gay men (in the media) saying they “are always so desperately trying to use their sexuality as political agenda and y’all use these channels to keep perpetuating this b*llsh*t victimization/self-pity as a consumer product across races/age groups.” 

She then posted a what she would deem “thoughtful post” to the LGBTQ community.

I’m pretty sure we’re all used to Ms. Bank’s public outbursts. She’s came for some of our faves in the past and quite frankly, were all sick of it.

After reading her go back and forth with herself, it leads many to question if she is ever really sorry.

Do you think she’s doing this for attention? It wouldn’t be the first time her comments got her in some pretty f*cked up situations. She completely targeted an entire race and group of people to prove a point after she issued a half-ass apology.

What do y’all think? Do you agree with Banks or are you tired of her rude comments as well?