Is Stitches Going To Fight For The Money Anyway?

A Fist In Yo’ Face?

I was under the impression that selling all that cocaine was getting the boy Stitches a lot of dinero! Coke is very profitable in America. Well, guess what? Let me get folks up to speed that may have missed things. You know Stitches got knocked out, but The Game’s manager. When he woke up, Stitches decided he wanted to challenge The Game to a rematch, not the manager. When he did, he came with the contract and the promoter. The Game hit me him a bunch of stipulations, including Stitches signing a waver that said Stitches cannot press charges on The Game if they fight. The Game also said that he had to fight some other guy, before The Game.  Then everything went dark. Now, the word is Stitches is looking to fight anybody anyway, just to fight. I am thinking this is a recipe for further disaster! Dude clearly has no hand skill. And he’s got a glass jaw. He had the opportunity to pop off at The Game since Game essentially refused to fight.  Do you think Stitches has some stitches loose by going down this route, if he is actually going down this route.