Is T.I. Really Retiring?

Tip is talking about retiring, but…do we believe?

It looks like T.I. is about to call it a day as a rap artist.

Before I go on, check out “What Its Come To,” the new video where he addresses the allegations against him. As I have said in the past Tip and Tiny feel they have done NO wrong. My source tells me that he’s going to fight back as long has he has air in his lungs.

It seems like Tip is taking a page out of the book of his accusers to use his art to combat the allegations against him. He portrays the woman as weaving an elaborate web against him, looking to set him up in a myriad of claims. If you are still reading this…go watch. He even has a faux lawyer in there…this is wild. Wait until you see the end of the video…he addresses Sabrina Peterson DIRECTLY.

If you can see…it looks like T.I.’s final album is to be called called Kill The King! It says: “Kill the King — the final album. Coming soon.”

noooo on Make a GIF

This means his 12th album will be his last. Last year’s opus, The L.I.B.R.A., was really dope and he brought 21 Savage, Rick Ross, Young Thug, Rapsody and more on that bad boy!

So the question is…is he really retiring? I do not know. I do not see Tip as the retiring type, especially when we see Nas, Jay, Royce and numerous other dope OGs pushing forward into the uncharged waters of great rap music! Tip has managed to spread his wings on so many fronts that I suspect he’s pump faking for the haters.

We shall soon see, but he’s the living legend of the south….nah!