Is The Breakfast Club Going Bye-Bye For Remy Ma?

Could The Breakfast Club be going out to lunch? The rumors are swirling that Remy Ma may be stepping into that early slot…but…let’s see.


I don’t know where to start. But could we be seeing the end of the hottest morning show, The Breakfast Club?

It appears, according to rumor, that the beloved trio Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God, and DJ Envy are going to move separate ways.

The website Gossip of the City released information to the Internet that suggests that iHeart media is working to relieve the three superstars of their positions on the morning show and replacing them with Remy Ma, and other hosts from various markets in their company.

Obviously, we know who Remy Ma is and she is doing a phenomenal job on The Wendy Williams Show as a replacement but is her star power strong enough to replace three incredible celebs from the New York City area? I know Charlamagne is not a native, but he’s adopted!

All of this stems from an individual that was allegedly terminated because of his or her refusal to be vaccinated. And there seems to be a mandate from the company for all employees to be vaccinated. I am not here to debate the topic of vaccination versus non-vaccination, but it does seem interesting that these rumors are starting from that space.

Also, the salaries are put in there as well. They seem a bit low, in my opinion. Also: I don’t pocket watch. So, this is going to be extremely interesting for me because I really liked the breakfast club‘s dynamic and also the hosts. 

NOW: This is a rumor.

My people tell me that Angela Yee debunked it as a rumor just this morning. And yet that does not fully explain the paperwork, below. I do not think they will disband the winning team. I do think they are expensive!

Personally, I think they need to give Remy Ma an afternoon show or a night show or something that allows her to carve out her niche. If she’s stepping into the shoes of those three, it’s going to be difficult. We are all used to seeing them in that timeslot. And, it will be difficult to transition away from that.

For now, these documents don’t represent anything formal because nothing formal has been announced. If anything, this could be a ploy to create chatter in the rumors and gossip space around Remy and Fat Joe. They need a show together.