Is “The Devil” After Jaguar Wright?

Jaguar Wright

Jaguar Wright is back at it. But she’s not blaming Jay-Z or Beyonce for a recent arrest.

Help me out with some things.

I am here looking at Jaguar Wright on the ground writhing under some police officers. She was arrested live on camera.

What do you think of that? Anyway, I think it’s a serious conversation that we need to dig into. First of all, she has been talking about everybody for years. She’s clearly and allegedly got some major mental issues. But how crazy is she?

First of all, she is back. So, let’s get that clear.

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Wright does not blame JAY-Z, Diddy, Beyoncé and all the so-called dark forces out there in entertainment. She blames bloggers. OK! She also says they are trying to drive her and her spouse crazy. Jag is now 45 years old. I am not sure what she is on or up to, but she’s working it out, I suppose. Nobody else is talking about this, but the comments are lit. By the way, some people are blaming her spouse for the whole mess. It is January 15 and here we are. 

Good lord. Help us.

This video is distressing.