Is The Remy Ma / Papoose Situation Real Or Is Something Else Going On?

Remy Ma and Papoose

Could Papoose and Remy Ma have a master plan at work that we do not know yet?

I know we are a bit late on this, but this is a delicate situation!

Over the weekend, Remy Ma hosted a battle rap concert that featured a face-off between Eazy The Block Captain and Geechi Gotti. It was a highly publicized battle that got even more exciting by the end.

During the intense battle, Gotti took the opportunity to call out Remy Ma, and accused the BX Queen of being unfaithful to Papoose with Eazy The Block Captain. Pap and Rem have been together like 15 years. Remy Ma didn’t speak when he said those awful words!

Gotti said:

I don’t give a f##k if you’re f##king this n###a, just tell him to stop screwing the business/ Y’all the poster child symbol for Black love/ Every interview he show his admiration and tell the world how he think his woman the greatest/ N###a he held you down in prison for six years, I know it was not nice, he cried big tears /He stood by you by your biggest accomplishments front row giving you big cheers/ Man you got a beautiful baby girl who is also amazing/ He’ll be damned if he lose you to this bozo in braces/ Listen he took you out to the best foods, when you ain’t feeling good he put you back in the best moods!”


Now Remy did an interview with 15MofeRadioafterward and she commented, “He [was only saying] what’s been on the blogs for the last three/four months. I’m comfortable. Listen, it’s battle rap.”

She is right, but there is a big but!

I am hearing that this may actually be a bigger play for Remy. And Pap. First of all, my source said, “Remy would never be that messy. Ever! She would never do that to Pap like that. If there were issues, she would handlie it the right way. If anything, this is a set up for a reality TV show,” the source said.

Could this be a bigger play? I do not know. But I know one thing, we need Pap and Rem to work out! They are the Hip-Hop Will and Jada! The rappity rap Jay and Bey! What do you think?

What is going on?


Eazy Da Block Captain confirms Remy Ma cheating allegations 😳😱🥶#remyma #papoose #chrome #terrorsquad #akademiks

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