“Is This Yo Thot” Woman Claims 2 Chainz Is Trying To Have Her Killed!


Photo via 2 Chainz’s Instagram

Christine Chisolm, the young lady shown in the infamous viral video “Is This Yo Thot” video is now claiming 2 Chainz is trying to have her killed. She announced earlier this year that she was suing 2 Chainz for $5 milllion. Chisolm now claims 2 Chainz has been visiting her hometown (Charlotte, N.C.) to get information about her. She also says one day a Mercedes followed her, caught up to her, and hit her. She believes 2 Chainz was behind this because of the lyrics in his song “Watch Out.” Chisolm is not letting up on her $5 million suit in damages because she claims the viral video caused her to lose her job, and it has made her love life extremely hard. Fans aren’t really on her side as they have expressed she was asked multiple times to leave the backstage area and because she voluntarily gave up her social media handle. 2 Chainz still didn’t have to do her like that!