Is Tory Lanez Expecting Another Child?

Could Tory Lanez be having another kid? Well, the rumors might just be all wrong here. Peep the pics!

Is Tory Lanez expecting another child?

I don’t know folks! First of all, let’s acknowledge that we still haven’t gotten to a resolution between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion. The verdict is still out on whether or not he shot her. That said, I think that is going to come to a head shortly.

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But there is new business as a relates to the Canadian rapper. I am getting word that Tory Lanez is expecting another child. And who might that be with? Certainly, I have not gotten a hard confirmation, But I am getting a slew of emails from my editor who has a source that says the mother is none other than Melii.

Melii is a bad NY chick. Honestly, I think that she could’ve gotten a lot bigger if Cardi B didn’t occupy a similar space that she did. Still, she is a really dope artist. However, she is recently started posting pictures of herself ALLEGEDLY pregnant. That then SPAWNED rumors that she is in fact pregnant by Tory Lanez. The source says that they are boyfriend and girlfriend!

Recently Mali took a slew of pictures and they are mostly on her IG stories. In the midst of those stories, there are a couple of shots that seem to show a baby bump. Most of them do not show any bump. If you go far enough into her stories you will see her slowly but surely address this rumor.

She begins to notice the chatter. So, she breaks down the boyfriend thing. And says she is not dating anyone. Without saying that she’s not pregnant, she addresses her sheep and says that she is just shaped like she is shaped and has always been like that. Subliminally, addressing the pregnancy rumors but does not directly say she is not pregnant. Peep it:

So, I am thinking this might be a bad rumor or she is manipulating the visuals to get us talking. If that is the case, it worked! One thing is for sure, all of these pictures can’t be from this same day or she would’ve had to do a bunch of wardrobe changes and also hairstyle changes!

I think she just has a new song coming up! And here it!