Is Young Thug Rocking Fake Jewelry?


Photo via Young Thug’s Instagram

Uh oh! It looks like Young Thug got busted for sporting a fake Audermars Piguet watch by @Fakewatchbusta. Apparently a lot of these rappers are rocking fake jewelry. It seems like some know they are buying the knock off versions while other may be getting duped. The @FakeWatchBusta account pointed out what allegedly gives Thugger’s watch away:

“The biggest give away here is the use of a 7750 Valjoux movement in the fake which makes for some spacing and depth problems around the date window. The in house movement from AP is modular which makes the date really deep and because of the custom size of the movement it gets that too close spacing towards the Tachymetre. You should see the pattern on the dial on the side of the date window. He is even missing a part of the crown, it should fill in the space perfectly between the pusher guards. There are other details that are off like the engraving of the plots and other small details like the font on the date wheel. The biggest give away is through the spacings a stock movement will give compared to an in house movement.”

Young Thug decided to poke fun at the situation as he Tweeted with comical emojis,

“Yall need to call @ElliottAviane this b*tch cost me 110K.”

It looks like Thug got GOT!

Young Thug

Photos via @FakeWatchBusta Instagram
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