Did The Cops Start The Fires & Riots In Minneapolis?

It would seem like the police have a tactic to demonize otherwise peaceful protesters. START SH#T!!!!

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(AllHipHop Rumors) Lets get it popping!!!!!! Look at this.

AND now look at this:

According to a number of online reports, the person in this video is a police officer in the St.Paul Police Department, not too far from the uprising in Minneapolis. Jacob Pederson is that alleged cop. Sources say the St.Paul Police Department po-po has already been identified by his ex-wife. One report by Progressive 2020 says. “In video Pederson started smashing windows and kick-started the riot in South Minneapolis. After being confronted by people, he fled the scene. This is a very common tactic. He had the umbrella to prevent aerial ID and everything. This definitely was not a protestor. Calmly shows up with a hammer, smashes windows, and then walks away.” We know there are agents and plants among us on every single LEVEL. 

By the way, there is a difference between rioting and protests.

I leave you with that…for now.