J. Cole Isn’t In Competition With Yeat, Drake Or Even Himself—He’s Just Chill Like That

J. Cole

And once again, “The Drake Effect” reigns supreme!

J. Cole may have just proven he’s the chillest rapper to rock a crown based on his new take about the success of his peers Drake and Yeat.

Cole is seemingly set to appear on the trending podcast series spearheaded Lil Yachty and Co. During the conversation, the Dreamville General revealed his true feelings about being a part of Drake’s latest chart milestone. More specifically, Cole discussed his feelings about Drake supposedly surpassing Michael Jackson’s record for Billboard chart toppers.

“If it would’ve went No. 2 it wouldn’t have—I wouldn’t have felt no way,” Cole said in part. “If the other song would’ve went No. 1 it’s like, ‘Bruh I would’ve been like cool.’

“I almost felt better not having my first No. 1 be off of a Drake alley-oop, you know what I mean?” Cole said before adding “I love Drake and I’m grateful that I’m a part of that moment with him and Michael Jackson. But if the other song would’ve went No. 1, I’m still grateful I’m a part of it.”

Cole finished up using his raspy stomach vernacular and it’s actually quite a comical moment. But in the end, he really just proved how unbothered he is by the weight of his success. Even more so, he just showed how genuinely happy he is to see the success of his peers and young guns such as Yeat.

Check out the full clip below.