Did J. Lo Confirm That Her Relationship With Drake Was A Publicity Stunt?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake fans have wondered for a while when will the rapper finally find love and settle down.

Sometimes the single life has it’s perks, but now fans wonder does Drake just prefer the wild single life, or is he the problem. We’ve all noticed how it seems like Drake has a new girl every other week.

Drake even revealed at one of his shows that he can’t keep a relationship long.

“I can’t even make a relationship last 7 weeks man,” said Drake.

Well between random smashes and hookups, Drizzy likes his publicity stunt relationships as well.

Apparently Jennifer Lopez has finally revealed that her and the 6 God were not in a real relationship. It seemed so fake to begin with, but it really could’ve been one of those fun phases people have where they are just casually “talking” to someone, but it feels good.

J. Lo sat down with The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, and she had to finally really confront and address the question that’s been on everyone’s mind!

Trevor had to get to the bottom of it for us!

“Genuinely, did you get with Drake cause you didn’t know me yet?” asked Noah.

“Let me clear this up, I am not with Drake,” said Jenny From The Block.

I still wonder if they ever messed around doe? What are your thoughts?