J-Lo’s Mom Taught Her To Twerk…When She Was 4!

Jennifer Lopez moves so well, that you think she naturally dances like a pro (and to a certain extent you would be right). Recently, she revealed that one of her earliest dances teacher was her mother!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ever wonder who taught J-Lo how to shake that sazón like a salt shaker?

You might think Rosie Perez since that hot tamale got it popping as the choreographer for Keenan Wayans’ classic show, *In Living Color*. You’d be wrong.

Maybe you think that she was inducted into the body rocking hall of fame when choreographer Paula Abdul or Tina Landon when she danced with Janet Jackson back in the day? Could have been anyone iconic … like Debbie Allen … But all of those guesses would be wrong.

The person who taught Jennifer Lopez how to twerk was her own mother when the Bronx bombshell was still in pre-k.

TMZ broke the story, as they did a flashback to the Super Bowl where she and Shakira were headlining. During the rehearsal, there is footage showing J-Lo teaching the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer how to shake what her mother gave her.

You can hear Lopez tell Shak Shak, “I do it with my knees… If you shake your knees, your butt goes.”

Then she drops the bomb, “My mother taught me that … when I was four!”

This is not the first time that we heard something Mama Lo!

Back in 2019, Jennifer shared a video of her mom, Ms. Dõna Guadalupe Rodriguez, on a stage during one of her concerts dancing up a storm. Clearly, Jenny from the Block got it from her O.G. Lupe from Block.