J. Prince Has to Stern Words For Offset

J. Prince and Offset are at it again. This time, the Mob Ties mogul makes an ominous statement to his opp-in-Hip-Hop.

What are we doing now?

This is so confusing to me. I have to breathe in and out just to write these words. Offset and the Prince family have been going back and forth since the latter did an interview with Wallo and Gillie. In the interview, which some have criticized as unnecessary and incendiary (that means they threw gas on a fire for you slow MFers).

Since then, they have gone back and forth on IG and whatever phone they may have. Get this, they are talking into devices, but not on the phone like men. Anyway, I have no issue with either one, especially J. Prince. He’s the founder of Rap-A-Lot and a certified man of respect with Mob Ties.

Check out what happened below and don’t forget to swipe.

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And here is the caption.

What do you all think of this?! I have never heard J. Prince talk so much.