Jack Thriller Got Knocked Out By 40 Glocc!?

Mama Said…

Damn, this is a genuinely good dude. No hate over here, but the facts are the facts. Jack Thriller seemingly got knocked out in his highly publicized boxing match against 40Glocc. The crazy thing is that 50 Cent put his own interviewer on blast, telling everybody that it happened. Peep the video and see how this evolved! (we still don’t have the whole video.)


50 Didn’t stop there.


Or there


AW MAN….I know there was a lot on the line, but this may have been a bad idea. And 40 Glocc ain’t nobody’s bum, even thought people think he got beat down by The Game. He was definitely in superior shape.

Another view shows that that may not have been 40 Glocc and that final punch…really didn’t connect.

By the way, 40 Glocc is still going at The Game.