What Street/Hip-Hop OG Is Writing A Book?

J. Prince…got something to say!

I am hearing that J. Prince, the founder and OG of Rap-A-Lot Records is writing a book about his life. The details are non-existent really, because you are hearing it here first. But, it is my understanding that he will reveal to a new era and the Golden one all that went on behind the scenes of Rap-A-Lot Records. I also hear a lot will focus on the time where they were at their apex with the Geto Boys. Also, some may not realize, but J. Prince is the only mogul to survive the government. Suge Knight, J. Prince and Murder Inc were heavily targeted by governmental forces and the Houston OG was the only one that survived. Also, apparently, there will be this reoccuring theme that Rap-A-Lot Records is not his greatest accomplishment. We’ll see where that goes, but we do know that he’s got a family legacy, industry (like keeping Drake safe from wolves) and other random stuff.