Jamie Foxx Keeps “F’N Up” With T.I.


Photo by Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic, Inc/ Getty Images

In this GGN bonus clip Jamie Foxx shares a couple of funny moments with Snoop Dogg about some interesting encounters he’s had with T.I. over the years. Although TIP and Foxx are friends now, there were some moments when Foxx was feeling himself and let his mouth get ahead of him. One time Diddy had a party and T.I. was announcing that he would be the next big thing. T.I.’s behavior was annoying Jamie and blowing his high. Jamie basically said he wasn’t trying to hear it, but he felt bad when he looked up and saw T.I. on BET shortly after. Jamie talks about another time where he accidentally dissed a song T.I. was featured on because he didn’t know what was playing.