Janelle Monáe Gets Dragged For This Twitter Comment!

Janelle Monáe said some stuff on Twitter that gave people a big pause!

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I never pegged Janelle Monáe as a person that did hard drugs, but I am beginning to question that now. The singer-turned-actor got on Twitter and said the following:

F### Donald Tromp and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, ETC who supported him burnnnnnnnnnn
— Janelle Monáe, Cindi Mayweather👽🚆🤖🚀🪐 (@JanelleMonae) November 4, 2020

First of all, she called Trump “Tromp” and that man’s name is not hard to spell. Secondly, she blasted just about everybody that supported The Donald. First of all, I am pretty much convinced that she hates Black men more than Satan. I understand that she is pansexual, but why did she call out Black men like the vast majority of us didn’t vote Democrat? Black men can technically be attractive to Jannie if she’s a true pansexual and not a lesbian, as was previously speculated.

I don’t care about her orientation, but I do care that she includes Black men in her group of people that should “burn.” Actually, I care that includes just about everybody is included in there. What does she want to see to folks that do not share her views and values?

Anyway, she did delete this tweet after apparently getting dragged on the social platform.  I got to this too late to see the replies to her initial remark. However, I can imagine “her people” yelled at her and told her to “delete that sh#t!” Remember, the chick is a Hollywood thing now. Her days of being helped in her career by Black men like Diddy and Big Boi are long, long gone. I doubt if anything will come out of this, but it sure is a weird thing for folks that supported her, even the often problematic white women. LOL!

By the way, she claims to be 34, but those numbers don’t add up if you look at the time she was in high school, college, and got on in the industry. She looks very young, but she is closer to 40 than that…