Jay Critch Prods “Friday” Franchise With Clifton “Pinky” Powell Selfie

Who’s here for Jay Critch being cast as Pinky’s son in a new “Friday,” movie?

Jay Critch’s recent selfie is a reminder Pinky’s character in the Ice Cube film “Next Friday” was an OG City Boy. Of course, many have seen the iconic 2000 follow-up to Ice Cube’s stoner flick, “Friday.” After all, it’s the perfect marriage of a hood-fabulous glow-up and suburban dystopia—and with the added comedic value of boujee SoCal neighbors. The plot also boasts one of the best grudges and textbook territorial conflicts while introducing memorable, semi-violent, cognac-stained personas. And yes, I’m talking about, Pinky—Craig and Day-Day’s opp-turned-ahk.

Sidebar, I’ll forget that Jerry curl, pink cowhide tuxedo combo. Pinky went full “Sicko Mode” in that fit—no Drizzy or La Flame! However, few have actually stood face-to-face with the “Friday” franchise antihero—until now.

“I got kids man I got a girlfriend I got a wife on the side,” Critch wrote in the caption of a selfie with Clifton Powell, the brilliant actor who personified Pinky.

Personally, for the caption, I would’ve probably deferred to the heavyweight limo scene verbiage of, “Looky here, baby. You’re hittin’ them corners too g###### fast. You need to slow this motherf###er down.” Or possibly even something along the lines of, “I almost spilled my ‘yak on this $200 suit, n####.”

But that’s beside the point because Critch’s selfie actually addresses a more important one—the nearly mythical arrival of a subsequent “Friday” franchise film.

It’s been 11 years since “Friday After Next,” and we millennials aren’t getting any younger. Who here is experiencing the onset of lower back pain, knee pain and a side of lactose intolerance? Exactly. So we’re hoping Cube, his son or Logic, sees this and interprets it as a subtweet that Critch volunteers for the proverbial role of Pinky’s adult son and production commences on a new “Friday” film ASAP.

At the end of the day, if we don’t end up witnessing Critch crossover into the “Friday” universe, at least there’s a possibility of another Earl Sweatshirt and Rich Forever collab.