Jay Critch Gets Attacked In NJ! What What About The Trump Goons!?!

Jay Critch Tank God

Jay Critch is the latest guy to get beat up, but where is

Rich The Kid’s artist Jay Critch was beaten badly in Elizabeth, New Jersey! I don’t know what you guys know about Elizabeth, New Jersey, but it is not to be played with! That is an area of New Jersey where they get it Poppin! I have been in the clubs out there and I can’t lie I was scared! It was nobodies joke! And most people talk about Newark New Jersey and Camden New Jersey but Elizabeth is the real deal.

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Rapper Jay was clocked outside of Barcode in Elizabeth! And after that, a huge brawl ensued much of which was captured on camera. This happened on Sunday, November 1. When the fight broke out somebody caught Jay Critch with a mean punch, rocking his jaw. The Rich Forever rapper eventually got kicked, but managed to stand up to defend himself a bit. The hilarity is the dude that is yelling in the video, “Ayo, they jumping Jay Critch, yo” he says repeatedly! Security and a cop finally come around, pepper spray is dispersed and TRUMP’S GOONS CONTINUE TO INTIMIDATE PEOPLE!!

This reminds me of Fat Joe…”Rappers Are In Danger.”

What is wrong with you people! WE are looking at an unprecedented era of voter intimidation and you goobers are out here fighting each other like savages. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is truly consigning THE MADNESS in plain sight. He basically thanked the Texasgoons that rode around trying to scare people! And, yall fighting lil ol’ Jay Critch! Step it up!

Listen to some revolution music, young people! P-Dogg!