Jay Electronica Checks Wack100 Over Nation of Islam Talk!

Jay Electronica is back, but not how big time fans of the culture would like it. He stepped up to Tweet Check Wack100 for talking slick about the Nation of Islam.

I do not know what is going on in this world. Wack100 is wreaking all kinds of havoc on the nation! The nation is the Hip-Hop nation, but it seems like he may be looking to start something with the Nation of Islam. Most of us did not even know there was something, then Jay Electronica spoke. Over social media, he spoke very loud.

“If you got any questions ask me with yo c00n ass,” he wrote on Twitter and IG. “You out here pressing everybody but the open enemy. Don’t be out here stunting on our lil brother. Press ME about The Nation Of Islam. I got that fire you looking for.”

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So, what exactly happened? Brother Ben X had a talk with Wack100 that eventually went South. Wack100 started questioning the Million Man March and the money and all this stuff. I am not exactly sure how old Ben X is, but he was not at the MMM. On top of that, what’s it to Wack where “the money” went. And Jay Elec did not appreciate the conversation.

On Clubhouse, Wack100 said: “I’ve always scratched my head about that Million Man March. I’ve never seen nothing come up. I question that. You know me, I’ma call a s#### a s####. Where that money went? That was orchestrated by the Nation of Islam. The money was administered by the Nation of Islam … It was supposed to be this, this and that. I thought I was going to see some schools or maybe some type of funding for child resources. The Million Man March came, a bunch of people raised a bunch of money and then… we didn’t hear nothing.”

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Clubhouse – HUUUUU – what is it good for?

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The way I am seeing it, Wack is getting some sort of stock options because I do not see anybody else on there. Him and 69 on occasion.