Will Jay-Z Save The Jay Electronica Album?

Some have been anxiously awaiting the new Jay Electronica issue, but some are skeptical.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am one of the loyalists that are patiently awaiting the arrival of one Jay Electronica. That brother had the capabilities of a DMX when he hit the scene over 10 years ago. He could have saved us from some of the trash that is out But, for some reason, he was unable to produce an album at his height. 

A Written Testimony, Jay’s official debut album, is due March 18 and I couldn’t be happier. Some people were not really feeling it, stating that “it is too late now” or other negative notions. We don’t receive that! We receive this album is coming when it was supposed to come! Now, Jay seems to have another secret weapon that is not a secret: Jay-Z! YOOOOOOOOO…..

Jay-Z is on the album so much that is has been rumored that he’s on almost every track from the looming opus. So, for me, this album serves a dual role. We get the Jay-E project, but we also get the a Jay-Z project too! It has been almost 3 years since the release of Jay-Z’s 444 and I am personally jonsing for some new music from the Don. The landscape is not too bad, but the reality is…we need the Rolling Stone of Rap to drop again. Personally, Eminem is the only OG really doing it at a high level and I didn’t love his last two. Similarly, the Nas Lost Tapes sequel didn’t hit for me either. So….here we are. 

The Jay Electronica album hits next month…get ready. 

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