T.I. Gets A Call From Jay-Z About His Top 50 List…

Looks like Jay-Z still has that competitive fire in the belly when it comes to these Top 50 lists.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Is Jay-Z still competitive? Is he the greatest ever!? Does he still believe he is? I think so and T.I. now knows more than we do. T.I. recently did one of those top 50 lists that have come to dominate internet AND barber shop conversations! And Tupac was No. 1 and Jay-Z was No. 2. Well, well, well…what do we have here!? You think Jay didn’t see THAT? Yes he did! Not only did he see it, he called his Atlanta brother about a non-related matter only to circle back on him about the list. Check out what he said!


Remember these two on “Swagger Like Us,” the hit song that also had Lil Wayne on it? Amazing record when ya think about it. I am thinking Tip got slightly nervous about that one! Personally, I have to agree with C Tha God on this one, simply because Pac died so soon in the 90’s whereas Jay-Z has gone forward to prosper and live and grow and all that good stuff! Had Pac lived…well, the story ends very differently. Same with Biggie.