Is A Jay Z & Joey Bada$$ Collaboration In The Works?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Have you ever ran into one of the greats while you were a little bit under the influence? Joey Bada$$ did.

While still taking in the acclaim of his ‘All Amerikkkan Bada$$’, a drunk Joey recently ran into Jay Z!

This is two Hip Hop generations of Brooklyn right here! Joey was just as happy as any of us would be, and he took to Instagram to share a photo of the two emcees.

“When you run into Hov but you a lil shmizz #brooklyn | ?: @ashani,” he posted.

We’ve heard that since the encounter, Joey has been trying to make a collaboration happen with Hov. Would you be here for them on the same track?

It could be cool to see them collaborate seeing that Joey looked up to Jay and actually turned down his Roc Nation deal with hopes of one day becoming a “Jay Z”.