Jay Z And Kanye Reunited?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It wasn’t going to last forever and it seems like the famine ends. Jay and Kanye have reportedly reunite, if you believe the gossip rags. So what that he’s working with Trump! Jay Z stands by his little brother. Maybe.

How did all this transpire.

It seems like Jay Z, Kanye, Beyonce AND Kim K linked up on New York to hash out their feud. Nobody really knows what they are beefing over, but they apparently met and successfully settled their differences.

Here is what is being :reported”:

“Jay reached out to Kanye because he wanted to put an end to the bad blood,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

“The situation was festering and just getting worse, and Jay wanted to try and bring about a resolution.”

“Kanye sort of apologized for running his mouth off, in typical Kanye way—but Jay wasn’t really looking for apologies, he knows Kanye better than to expect one. Plus, Jay knows what a tough time Kanye has been going through and Jay just wants to get back on good terms together and move on.”

What do you think of this? Seems fictionalized! But much stranger things have happened, like Kanye’s hairdo.

Here is some more:

“However, despite hashing it out, and Jay offering up a white flag to his troubled friend, there’s still more than a little tension remaining—and the source says things may never be the same again between the two.

“The meeting was awkward, to say the least, and it’s doubtful they’re ever going to be best buddies, but at least the latest drama is behind them now.”