Jay-Z Rumored To Have Given Black Rob $20K, But Where’d The Money Go?


Did Jay give Black Rob a large sum of money and where did it go?

You guys know Jay-Z does a lot of stuff behind the scenes with these rappers. Sometimes they’re having legal issues, other times they’re having health issues and sometimes we’re talking life & death issues. Well, the Roc Nation General attempted to help the late, great Bad Boy artist Black Rob in his darkest hour. In those hours, Black Rob was dying and we did not know it. Well, there is a rumor that Jay-Z tried to help Black Rob by giving him a sizable financial offering.

According to my sources, Jay-Z gave Black Rob $20,000 -through a trusted intermediary – to help him get on his feet and to help him as diabetes and other issues ravaged his body. But, there were some issues with regards to receiving that money and then getting it to Black Rob. Now, I don’t know all the details here, but I promise you they will come out soon. But it is my understanding that days before Black Rob died, Jay-Z gave the monies to one of Black Rob’s people, but the money never got to Rob. That may be, because Rob died so suddenly…and not that he was jacked. Now, we’re wondering who has this paper, dog!? I don’t think we know the answer to that but I do think that people are looking into it. There were also numerous other contributions to help Black Rob as he was struggling to regain his health and his life.

There’s this. A beef of sorts has broken out among various factions of people, generally – sources tell me – broken down into those that were down with Black Rob in his old life in those down with Black Rob in his final days. Generally, of course! But the point is is that some folks were there and other folks seemed to be there. I’m gonna stop right there but I wonder if Jay-Z managed to recoup his money after Black Rob died or did the money just go into someone’s hands? I don’t think Jay-Z is the type of guy that loses $20,000 and lets it go. I’m going to assume that he got his money back or somebody gave it back.

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