Nas & Jay-Z: Did Nas Change “Magic 2” Release To Avoid Another Coincidence?

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Nas and Jay-Z are two goats we cannot get enough of. But, did Nas just avoid a drive-by trolling?

Okay, so we all know Nas and Jay-Z have had the craziest rap feud ever in Hip-Hop history that didn’t involve death. It’s the stuff legends are made of, and we just can’t get enough. But here’s the thing: they’ve grown up a bit and matured (kinda). It’s old news, right? Well, not quite. There have been these little things happening over the years that make you go, “Wait, is it really over?” Let me break it down for you.

Every time Nas drops a new album, boom, Jay-Z magically appears with his own stuff. Coincidence? Maybe. But come on, it’s too weird to ignore. Jay-Z’s like, “Oh, you releasing music, Nas? Well, guess what? I got something too!” It’s like they’re playing a never-ending game of one-upmanship. We love it.

And let me tell you, Jay-Z is the master of surprises. One day, out of the blue, he drops a whole library installation at the Brooklyn Library in New York City. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that? It’s called the BOOK OF HOV, people. I mean, seriously, where did that come from? Sure, it probably didn’t come out of absolutely nowhere but damn, it felt like it did.

Now, here’s the “tea.” Dame Dash can call me a Chatty Patty on this one. Rumor has it that Jay’s team caught wind of Nas’s plan to release Magic 2 with Hit-Boy. And guess what? Suddenly, there’s this massive Jay-Z extravaganza happening. Coincidence or a deliberate move? Who knows? But with Hip-Hop celebrating 50 years, it’s Jay-Z’s way of celebrating himself. The Roc is going to make sure you know he’s still on top even though we have not gotten a project in FOREVER.

But let’s not forget about Nas. The QB Don has been working like crazy, putting out more music than ever before. He’s like a rap machine on overdrive. It’s insane. So, did Jay-Z do all this on purpose? History tells us there might be some truth to it, though. Either way, we’re the ones reaping the benefits of their epic rivalry.

By the time you read this, Nas’s next album, Esco, will probably be out. I’m freaking excited to see what these two legends (Hit and Nasir) have cooked up this time. Get ready for some mind-blowing beats and killer rhymes.

Here is the track listing.

Never forget Nas said my name in a song! I thinkhe needs to make a song “Illseed” and lets get it poppin’ – Ayeeeeeeeeee.