JayDaYoungan Was Murdered By 5 Assassins


JayDaYoungan was killed and now new details are emerging on how was murdered.

JayDaYoungan was reportedly ambushed by a cadre of five assassins.

The gunmen collaborated and murdered the rapper in his native Louisiana. His father was also shot in the incident, that ultimately took the life of the young rapper.

The father recently spoke with TMZ about the incident when he made the revelation. This coincides with the rumors that he was murdered in a coordinated effort to silence him forever.

At the time of this writing, there was no clear motive for the murder, but there is speculation. JayDaYoungan had a number of run-ins with the law as well as in the streets.

The father says they were sitting in the front yard of their home, when suddenly a black truck came on the block. When it stopped, three individuals leapt out of the van with guns.

The father and son attempted to escape them, but on the side of the house they were waiting. Two more people pulled guns out and shot them. Scott, the father, was shot twice. His son was shot eight times, at least.

Scott says his son does not know the government. And he also says he does not believe it was gang related.

So, this goes back to motive. Why would he be targeted in such a way if there was nothing behind it. I mean, they would have to at least know him to go out him in that way. I’m thinking, dad is abiding by the laws of the streets, which is absolutely no snitching under any circumstances.

If he is, I would say that’s pretty sad because his son is his flesh and blood. On the flipside, maybe he’s making sure he does not be a culprit when it is time to get those individuals back for the murder of his kid. Either way, it is a sad situation that warrants us rethinking our culture.