Jeezy Warns Men About Trying To Catch Him On Snap Chat!


There seems to always be that one friend or one fan that takes social media too far with documenting everything. Jeezy isn’t here for it. If you were ever thinking about catching Jeezy on your Snap Chat story, DON’T! Jeezy recently tweeted,

“Snap chat gone get somebody head knocked off! FYI no grown man should try to snap chat another grown man!! Where they do that @.”

Rumor has it Jeezy isn’t the biggest fan of social media or of cameras. It’s been said that he’s very protective of his image and often times, only his official photographers are allowed to be close enough to him to capture photos of him. Allegedly his security and camp don’t play about capturing images of him, and will make you delete them if they can. What are your thoughts? Should a grown man be Snap Chatting another grown man?