Is Jim Jones Hinting At A Deal With Roc Nation?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Jim Jones is hinting at new possible union between he and Jay Z.

Jim Jones let his fans know that he took a little field trip over to the Roc Nation offices. Jimmy posted a video to his Instagram that he knew would surely get people talking.

“If I told you I was in the Roc Nation office, how would you feel about that? You’d think I was lying? That’s clear enough for you? Talk to me, let me know your sentiments, ya heard?”

Hov and Jones have had an up and down relationship since back in the day when The Diplomats were signed to Jay’s label, Roc-A-Fella. When Jay and Dame Dash split, tensions flared, and it left many artists on the roster divided.

Remember when Jay took that shot at a few people, Jimmy included?

“I ain’t talking about gossip. I ain’t talking about Game. I ain’t talking about Jimmy. I ain’t talking about Dame. Let’s talk about facts. Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps. He could’ve made more but he ain’t sign his contract.”

Jay even went at Jim on “Brooklyn High” when he rapped,

“Your bank versus mine. If you’re ballin’, n-gga what I’m doing can’t be defined. The Joneses can’t keep up.”

Yall know how “sensitive” Jim Jones can get, so he later asked,

“Question if someone says in the song I’m not talkin bout Jimmy is that not talking bout Jimmy lol we r back in business people.”

So I wonder was this just a meeting for a true new start of reconciliation? Is there a deal on the table for Jimmy? Should Jim Jones sign to Roc Nation? Are you interested in hearing new music from Jones?

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