Jim Jones Swerved On Signing Drake, Here Is Why!

Sometimes, all one may do is keep on pushing.

Recently, a resurfacing interview is demanding attention. Actually, a surprising assertion, which drops from the lips of Capo, himself is what is garnering interest. Moreover, the admission that Jim Jones swerved on signing Drake is currently baffling the public.

So, if experience is the best teacher then the Dipset rep is still — perhaps a bit begrudgingly — realizing million dollar lessons. Notably, Jimmy’s list of professional accomplishments include emceeing, designing apparel, sports management, entrepreneurial pursuits and video directing. In fact, his DNA also possesses a little thespian twist.

Thus, this impressive array of accolades speaks to why the contemporary Harlem Renaissance Man is able to sustain his longevity. As with any great entrepreneur, the ability to recognize, to cultivate and to empower others is a coveted trait. However, nobody is perfect.

The Set Up

For example, even Mr. Wasted talent does not always capitalize on each of his blessed opportunities. Moreover, he references a time where he is given the space to sign the 6 God. On the other hand, it is the once myopic perspective that prevents him from working with Champagne Papi.

Furthermore, Drake’s round portrayal of Degrassi’s Wheelchair Jimmy, challenges the “We Fly High” wordsmith. Quickly, he breaks down the scenario. “Drake definitely ran across my desk,” he reveals. “I got a call from Alan Grunblatt, I think I was on tour, and Alan was like, ‘I got this guy named Drake, he’s an actor, he’s on Degrassi.’”

The Swerve

Soon, curt commentary explains his disinterest. “I’m like, ‘Who the f### is Drake on Degrassi?’ He let me hear him rapping, like, this boy could rap his ass off, admits Jim Jones.”

So, “then I looked at him, I’m like, ‘Boy, what do you mean? What am I going to do with boy? He’s an actor, he’s in a wheelchair on the Disney Channel.’ I’m like, ‘Boy, I don’t know how to make this work out.’”

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