Joe Biden Rumored To Have Fired All Trump’s “Hitters” To Avoid Assassination Attempts

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is not taking any risks with his life! He’s even allegedly fired some potential Trump supporters!


Joe Biden has reportedly fired all of Donald Trump‘s “hitters” in an effort to protect himself from any potential attack on Inauguration Day and beyond. This is a rumor, but sounds reasonable. Donald Trump is the first president to ever be impeached TWO TIMES in American history and he’s looking to make more history going forward, as he’ll be the first president to ever be tried as an ex-president. As long as 45 does not have a “heart attack” or something…

The crazy thing is Donald Trump still has a lot of people within the government and beyond that support him. 70 million people voted for him in the last presidential election and those folks still exist. In government, enough Republicans flipped to impeach the president, but that does not represent the mania that looks outside in the world. So, President elect Joe Biden must contain with all of those people. It certainly feels like a life and death situation.

I got a tip that Joe Biden has fired all of Donald Trump “hitters” in an effort to clear out potential insurgents within the military ranks. As you know, a coup can occur much easier when they have force behind them. The Joint Chiefs of Staff told the troops to follow the Constitution and that their loyalty was to the Constitution, not the president. Is my understanding that this is never been done before but it was said overtly in an effort to usurp potential commands from Trump to do something bad to Joe Biden. Nothing is off the table.

As we also know, with the insurrection on the capital building, some things don’t have to be said directly to get the message across. In fact, Trump really did send a direct message to his supporters. He told them to “fight” and that Joe Biden did not win a lawful election. They got the message.

Clearly Joe Biden is not taking any risks!