Joe Budden Goes In On Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma’s Ex-Best Friend!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! Joe Budden is certainly not here for Nicki Minaj’s “trash” single “No Frauds”.

Mannnnnnn Nicki’s lyrics and delivery were so mediocre and elementary. Most were very disappointed in her forever-and-a-day-too-late “ShETHER” response.

“Trash. I’m saying Nicki put out three records. I was telling you that when you put out three records, not just the one diss, you’re rolling out now. This is your team; you’ve concocted this right. Them sh-ts came and went, and trust me, I’m dying to say something nice about Nicki Minaj and her music because I’ve been so hard on her, but those songs came and went. Nicki Minaj is not a lyricist. She should stop tweeting lyrics, it’s not helping at all, said Joe Budden.

Joe Budden wants to know who dropped the ball with releasing the video to “No Frauds” because the beef already fizzled out, and no one cares about the single.

He seems to also believe that Nicki tried to use Drake’s approach of making a diss record that served as both a true hit and a diss but fell short.

Joe Budden says that Nicki’s brand is going down for her to even include Love & Hip Hop’s Rah Ali in her video. He says years ago when Nicki and her brand were really amazing, a Rah Ali wouldn’t even have been near a Nicki video set.

Joe believes that Nicki had Remy Ma’s ex-best friend, Rah, in the video to try to prove a petty point about a beef that fans no longer even care about. He also even says Rah isn’t even attractive to be in the video.

Budden even feels that the single flopped even before the video was shot, and he wants to know why so much time and money was spent on her video.

I’m actually kind of with Joe on this one. Despite all of Nicki’s success, I don’t feel like it puts her any closer to any new industry respect or fan love with the release of the three singles she dropped. We want old Nicki! What are your thoughts?