Was John Singleton Really Fired From Directing ‘All Eyez On Me’?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Plot twist!

As you know director John Singleton has been talking all kinds of trash about the forthcoming Tupac biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’.

Singleton has previous expressed that he still hasn’t watched the biopic and he refuses to watch it because he already knows that they “f-cked up.”

He says it’s not good because he isn’t the one who directed it. The narrative that Singleton has been trying to tell is that he allegedly stepped away from the biopic because they weren’t doing Tupac’s legacy and story justice.

Singleton told The Breakfast Club,

“They were trying to tell me, ME how to make a movie about Pac. Come on now. Really. So I was like…… No I didn’t back out gracefully. I was like putting them on their backs. I don’t even have to speak on that anymore .Y’all just see when it comes out…..I don’t have to see it. Come on. It aint me, so I don’t have to see it.”

It looks like John Singleton may just be big mad as word on the curb is he was actually FIRED from directing the film.

Young Noble of The Outlawz recently decided to clear the air about the details surrounding this biopic and the bad dealings of the people handling Tupac’s estate. Young Noble claims that Singleton is trying to make it like he stepped away because of integrity when he allegedly got fired for the exact opposite.

“Lets move forward to John Singleton. He doing interviews saying he quit from directing the film because the producers wasn’t telling Pac story with integrity an they sued Afeni when the truth is he got fired from the job. We got the call the day he got fired an honestly i was kinda upset because i thought he was the perfect guy to direct Pac movie until i heard the reason he got fired. John wrote his own script for the movie an in his script he had a scene insinuating 2pac getting raped in jail an he had Afeni as a lesbian an wanted a scene in there with her doing some lesbian activities. So this dude John Singleton was gonna put all kinda lies an made up s### an give y’all some real Hollywood movie so he got fired on the spot an now he out here doing interviews saying he quit like he was doing something out of honor for Pac & Afeni,” said Young Noble.

What are your thoughts?