Jonathan Majors May Have Another Issue: Loki

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors is missing from the latest trailer of Loki, causing a bunch of rumors.

Jonathan Majors may have just hit a new low. As we all know, he is being accused of a number of assault related in fractions of a woman that was once his girlfriend. While he has not had a day in court that matters, he has been more or less convicted in the court of public opinion. 

The one thing that has not happened is Marvel, the company that inspires all of this, has yet to cut ties with him. But, the new rumors are going bonkers because it seems like marvel may be leaning towards cutting him. It looks like Kang The Conqueror may be cut from the new Loki series that is coming out on Disney+. The new trailer of the show does not mention Jonathan Majors at all. And, recently, Kevin Feige did an interview and he did not mention Majors either. This could be a number of things.

It could also mean that they are making a decision on him. Also, there is a rider strike in Hollywood that is impacting the whole industry of TV and film. I do think that they have to make a decision and they are making it on going, in real time. They may not cut him completely, but they may cut him from this particular series and hope that things go well. I simply don’t know, but I do hope that he gets the benefit of the doubt in the long run and not just based on what people perceive. There is still a place for the truth.

Disney+ will launch season 2 of Loki on October 6