Jordan Poole Has Crowned Rap’s Next Superstar—Guess Who?


Jordan Poole is the NBA’s next active A&R, behind Kevin Durant.

Veeze is to Jordan Poole what DaBaby was to the rap game during his 2019 run bolstered by “ROCKSTAR” with Roddy Ricch—so basically he’s the next big superstar.

Or so he says, as evidence of their recent link up in the NBA champion’s new home of Washington D.C. It appears as though their link-up was initiated by Veeze’s fanbase, who’ve consistently compared the avid NBA fan to the former Golden State Warriors guard recently—asserting the pair are actually forbidden twins. “Y’all made this happen,” he wrote in the caption of a photo he tweeted of he and Poole together.

A separate video of their interaction was shared on social media and aside from the height difference, there are definitely similarities between Poole and Veeze’s likeness. No matter the case, Poole took a moment to acknowledge what makes them unique, affirming that the Detroit lyricist is occupying the top spot as we speak rather than so to speak. “Superstar, next up—if not here, he is already here,” Poole said.

Poole may have a point though, considering Veeze has embarked on The Ganger Tour after landing a new deal with Warner Records. Additionally, the subsequent formation of his Navy Wavy label adds yet another layer of potential greatness to the mysterious shroud that represents Veeze’s ever-developing career trajectory.

Stream the deluxe version of Veeze’s Ganger project below.